This simulant protests the use of weapons in a similar way to the PeaceSim. However, it has no such reservations when it comes to unarmed combat. It will always try to use its fists to attack or disarm its opponent.
The FistSim is a special type of simulant in the Combat Simulator.


They will not use projectile weapons; only their fists or some sort of melee weapon.


  • FistSims can be great to protect Capture the Case, include Tranquilizers in the map and set his difficulty to Normal or higher, and order him to "Save Case" (Hold down A and press Z three times and until "FistSim" appears at the top"). He will patrol close to the case, giving anyone who comes near it a deadly dose of poison.
    • FistSims make perfect defenders in general, their melee repels any attackers. This proves useful in team-based modes.
  • FistSims, because of their "melee only" scripting, can be easily outfoxed; just stay away from it and pick it off with a ranged weapon.
  • FistSims cannot engage enemies at long range, making them useless in wide-open maps.
  • FistSims using their fists will relentlessly hit their target with fists only, eventually making them dizzy and making their vision blurry. This is very useful against human opponents.
  • FistSims generally are easy targets because they do not use guns, however, their true prowess lies in using the Laser. it uses the secondary mode, however, it has unlimited range.
  • FistSims are generally good at stealthily sneaking up on their enemies whenever they are equipped with a Cloaking Device. Players will need to be on alert if a high-difficulty FistSim is also wielding the Tranquilizer while cloaked, as a surprise one-hit kill can occur.


FistSims use a limited range of weapons:

  • Falcon 2/DY357: Using 'Pistol Whip' to hit opponents
  • Tranquilizer: Using 'Lethal Injection' to instantly kill opponents.
  • Laser: FistSims use the short-range beam, however, its range is unlimited.
  • Combat Knife: One of the few the FistSim can hit opponents by throwing knives making it 'ranged' but will swipe at opponents too close.
  • Reaper: They will almost always attack an enemy with the grinder function.

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