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FeudSim (Or Feudal Simulants) are a special type of simulant that are found in the Combat Simulator.

In-game descriptionEdit

Once this simulant picks a target, that player had better watch out! A FeudSim will pursue the player until the game is over! Even if it is killed, it will bear its grudge!


How would it feel to be stalked forever in your life?

FeudSims are in need of some spice in their life; they hold a random grudge against a specific foe. FeudSims are scripted to target a player, chosen at random, and attack that player till the end of the match. They will attack players that it passes by on its way to its target however, for all the good it does for them.


There are no special strategies for a FeudSim. If you have a team, stick around them so they can fend it off, but one should do that generally (unless the mode is Combat)! If the FeudSim chasing you is of a higher difficulty, do NOT be caught alone.

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