Falcon 18
Manufacturer Carrington Institute
Model GLOCK 17
Type Pistol
Primary Mode Semi-Automatic
Secondary Mode Firecracker
Damage (per Hit) Low
Accuracy High
Ideal Range Medium
Rate of Fire Medium
Ammo Type Pistol Rounds (9mm)
Magazine Capacity 18 Rounds
Maximum Ammo 200 Rounds

The Falcon is a pistol that was used by Carrington Institute operatives around the time of 2020. Joanna Dark was a notable user of the weapon.


The Falcon is an 18-round magazine semi-automatic pistol. When the magazine is thrown down, the remaining rounds in it discharge in varying directions. It goes without saying that anyone hit by these rounds will receive damage, and it also acts as a good distraction device. Compact and deadly, the Falcon 18 is a fairly standard sidearm. Likely due to its small size, it was favored by undercover agents or those who had to conceal weaponry.


The Falcon can fire incredibly quickly as the trigger is easily depressed. It has unparalleled accuracy for a pistol. In practice, a player could become incredibly effective when combining the use of two of these pistols, due to its high accuracy, while still retaining the benefit of high mobility that comes with using a light weapon. Its large magazine also eliminates much need to reload during a firefight. Its fire cracker feature could be used as a 'bullet grenade'.


The Falcon is a fairly weak weapon. When using the firecracker mode the user may injure their allies as well.


Joanna Dark uses this weapon extensively throughout the course of Perfect Dark Zero. It is the Carrington Institute's premier sidearm for both its combat and undercover agents. Strangely, the members of the Hong Kong Triad gang also use this weapon.

It is assumed this weapon was phased out by 2021 and replaced by the Falcon 2.

The Falcon is the starting weapon in all DarkOps games and is one of three attacker weapon choices for Onslaught mode games, along with the CMP-150 and DEF-12 Shotgun.

Mission Appearances

Perfect Dark Zero
Perfect Dark: Initital Vector
  • Joanna Dark enters the VR DeathMatch game wielding two of them during her first appearance in the novel.
Perfect Dark: Janus Tears
  • Several Times (actual occurrences coming soon)
  • Issue 1: Assassin tries to kill Joanna in her hospital bed.

Image Gallery - Screenshots


  • An early version in development had a laser dot, much like its successor, the Falcon 2.
  • It has an appearance similar to the Glock 24.
  • In Perfect Dark: Janus Tears, the Falcon is shown. However one piece of promotional art within Issue 2 (And therefore non-canon) shows Joanna Dark firing behind herself using a Falcon 2.


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