Mission08 15

The Explosives Crate used in the Area 51: Rescue mission

Explosive HoverCrateThe HoverCrate is a device featured in Perfect Dark. it is a movable crate packed with plastic explosives. In Perfect Dark 64, it must be placed in front of a weak wall past the elevators in the mission, Area 51: Rescue.


A small plastic explosive charge complete with sealed tamper-proof timer, and embedded with teflon-coated shrapnel. Nasty.


The Hovercrate's main purpose it to be blown up near the black X at the bomb checkpoint to enter the second half of the mission. Like Jonathan suggests in the opening cutscene of the mission, the crate will prematurely explode if it sustains enough damage. If this happens, even though you technically failed your mission, when you get to the bomb checkpoint, you can throw a Dragon in proximity mode near the black X and shoot it, which will open the wall and grant you acess to the second half of the mission. The mission objective will say "incomplete" again, but this will not affect your mission status, as you can sill succesfully complete the mission if this method is performed.

Ultimatley, the Hovercrate serves little purpose in the mission, as one can simply destroy the weak wall with a Dragon or Grenade and still complete the mission.


If you are speedrunning, a movement glitch can be exploited whereby repeatedly grabbing and letting go of the crate while moving forwards will dramatically speed you up. This exploit can be done on all grabbable objects (Like Elvis' Hoverbed or the HoverBike)