This simulant has basic skills and intelligence, but it can still be dangerous.
An EasySim is the second difficulty setting of a Simulant in the Combat Simulator. They are the second easiest to defeat, and are designed for training.


The EasySim, as its name implies, is an easy opponent. It is more intelligent than the MeatSim; for a simulant, its skill and intelligence are rather basic. The EasySim's accuracy is greatly increased over the MeatSim, at around a 30% hit rate, and it runs a bit faster than the MeatSim, though still rather slow compared to the average NormalSim

They do have some cheating properties that are associated for all simulants. If they pick up a Rocket Launcher or Slayer, they will fire a rocket directly at you instead of purposefully aiming to miss. They can fire semi-auto weapons faster then a human player, switch instantly between primary/secondary fire modes (especially noticeable when they have Combat Knives, and can reload in less than a second. These simulants can and will utilize the radar.

The EasySim does complete objectives and will disarm an opponent if the opportunity arises. They do use their radar, and show reasonable competence at following an order, unlike the MeatSim.

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