Perfect Dark Weapons (34)
Manufacturer dataDyne
Type Grenade Launcher
Primary Mode Grenade Launcher
Secondary Mode Wall Hugger
Damage (per Hit) Explosive
Ideal Range Medium
Rate of Fire Low
Ammo Type Grenade Rounds
Magazine Capacity 8 Rounds
Maximum Ammo 40 Rounds
Appears in Perfect Dark
A long range grenade delivery system manufactured by dataDyne. The secondary fire mode uses a magnetic field around the grenade to stick to surfaces, then reverses the magnetic field to drop off, exploding on impact.
The Devastator is a grenade launcher featured in Perfect Dark. The primary mode explodes on impact with the ground or an enemy, but bounces off anything else, similar to the SuperDragon's secondary mode. However, the grenades are more powerful and fire further, and it can carry more.

Its secondary mode makes the grenades stick to anything they hit, including enemies. After a couple seconds they then drop off the object and explode upon another impact.


Perfect Dark


  • The manual calls this the K12 Devastator.
  • The game contains conflicting information when it comes to the secondary firing mode. The firing range description says the grenade is magnetically attached to the object, and when its magnetic polarity is reversed, it drops off. The in-game description says that the grenades are coated with a sticky substance before launched.

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