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ZPerfect-Dark-City Lucerne

The Datadyne Skyscraper, As Seen From Outside

dataDyne Central: Defection
is the first level in Perfect Dark. The level is set in Lucerne Tower, the dataDyne global headquarters.



A dataDyne scientist calling himself Dr. Caroll has contacted the Carrington Institute requesting that we rescue him from the dataDyne headquarters tonight. He claims that he has complained to dataDyne about the moral implications of his current project, but rather than dismiss him, they will mentally restructure him until he finds the nature of the project acceptable again.


This is your first mission, Joanna, and it could hardly be more vital to us. We need to get Dr. Caroll out of there before anything happens to him, and we also need to know about dataDyne's future plans. Our standard rules of engagement apply: do not kill unarmed civilians. Remember, the code keys only work if their owners are alive.

Objective One: Jam the Internal Security Comms Hub [SA,PA]

This is located in one of the top floors of the building, away from ground traffic interference. Use an ECM Mine to jam the hub and black out the security cameras. The mine must be attached to the hub to be effective. Be quick though, as the mine will only last for about a minute or so.

Objective Two: Obtain De Vries' Necklace/Key [SA,PA]

Cassandra De Vries carries her Access Key for restricted areas of the building on her necklace. It is linked to her personal health monitor and will cease to be active if her life signs fail. If you take the Necklace/Key from her, you must render her unconscious, not kill her.

Objective Three: Access Executive Computer Files [PA]

Dr. Caroll's future is being decided in a meeting on one of the office floors. The Executive in charge of Dr. Caroll's project is present at the meeting. Follow him to his office and gain access to his project files, then download them to us using you Data Uplink Device.

Objective Four: Jam the External Security Comms Link [SA,PA]

Complete the communication blackout by placing another ECM Mine on the equipment in the Security Room at the base of the building. This will jam any automatic calls for outside help.

Objective Five: Secure the Secret Lift [A,SA,PA]

Locate the secure life where Dr. Caroll is incarcerated. The exact location is unknown, but it should be found somewhere on the foyer level.



For a video walkthrough, click here.


You begin on the dataDyne building helipad. If you skip the opening cutscene, you can walk forward and drop down behind the first guard. Shoot him (or pistol whip if you're feeling merciful) and head through the two doors. There's a camera above the door (no cameras on Agent) that you can shoot out if you like, but it's not necessary if you're relatively quick.

In the next room turn left and you can see another camera which you can also ignore if you're fast enough. Just around the corner there's another guard, shoot him while he's reeling and drop down the ramp.


Head to underneath where you entered the room to find the Comms Hub. Chuck an ECM Mine on there to complete the objective and disable the cameras for a short while.


Head through the door and down the stairs. A guard may be walking up them, be prepared to shoot him. Turn left once you're through the door, shoot the other patrolling guard if he's about and run up behind the guard by the table if he's still there for an easy headshot/KO.


Press the button he was standing in front of and go through the big double doors you just ran past. Pistol whip or punch both the women in the room, and take the necklace to complete the objective. If you leave Cassandra too long, she'll sound an alarm. Head back out the room.


Turn left and you'll find a door that you should go through. There might be another guard on the stairs somewhere, take him out.


Go through the first door you come to down the stairs and turn right. It's hard to predict where the guards will be at this point, just make sure all the guards in this corridor are dead. Sometimes the guards in the other room you can see will have to be taken out as well. Make sure the whole corridor is safe, and shoot out the camera around the corner from the lift. Head back out the door you entered from.


Go to the bottom of the stairs and through the door. Shoot anyone who happens to turn up here.


Head round the corner and through the double doors. Take out the guard here and possibly the one in the room to the left if he's alerted. Go right from the double doors and turn the corner. Take out the double Falcon 2 (silenced) guard if he's here and shoot out the camera at the end of the corridor. Go into the second room on the right and kill the Falcon 2 (s) guard if you didn't already. Sometimes one or both of the Falcon 2 (s)'s will somehow fall through the floor and end up in the lobby somewhere.

Head back out and wait for the Executive to come out. He'll run off: let him. Follow him without getting too close and he'll lead you to a small room with a Laptop Gun and some pistol ammo. Get close or shoot him (not in the head, obviously) and he'll give up, then follow him until he gets to a computer terminal.

He'll stutter "logging on now", then "right, I'm in", that's your cue to take him out however you like. Leave it too late and he'll delete the files, making you fail the mission. Use the Data Uplink on the terminal to complete the objective then head to the elevators.


Go into either of the elevators and ride it all the way down. There's a lot of guards down here so be careful. Crouch and edge forward and you should be able to headshot one of the guards by the foyer entrance. Break the glass and drop down off the ledge, and shoot the remaining guard here. Go round either corner, continue around and shoot all the guards you can see. Look up the stairs and shoot anyone you see here.


Once the lobby guards are dead, go to the right hand corner from the stairs and open the door from the left. Shoot the guard you can see in the back of the head, and continue firing at the computers to hopefully kill another. Back off and shoot the rest of the guards as they come through the door and head into the room. To the left, low down, is the external comms hub. Chuck a mine on it to complete the objective and head back out.


Head to the alcove left from the stairs. Throw your Laptop Gun opposite the door if you have one. Then open the door and back up out of the alcove. Shoot anyone who isn't killed by the Laptop Gun, head into the room and turn right. There may be a single guard here, kill him and walk towards the wall, which turns out to be a hidden door. Open the elevator doors and you're done.


dataDyne Investigation


Falcon 2 (silenced): Equipped by Joanna from the start.

2x Falcon 2 (silenced): The guard in the room next to the Executve carries these. This is one of the weapons caches that will show up on the R-Tracker (if you're using the cheat).

Falcon 2: Guards may pull one out when disarmed.

CMP-150: All the guards, bar the one above, carry this.

Laptop Gun: Can be found by allowing the Executive to run away from you for a while. He'll lead you straight to it. This is the second weapons cache, and can only be reached on Perfect Agent.


Data Uplink: Equipped by Joanna from the start, only on Perfect Agent.

ECM Mine: Joanna has three of these from the start, but only two are required for the mission. They do not appear on Agent.

Necklace: Carried by Cassandra De Vries and obtained by knocking her out or killing her (though killing her stops it from working and fails the mission). Only required on Special and Perfect Agent, but can be picked up on Agent too.



Right through here.


The cheese.

The cheese on this level is right at the beginning, but you need to use a cheat that'll give you an explosive weapon. In the room with the Internal Comms Hub, there is a cylindrical bit next to it. Blow it up and drop down into it. The cheese is in a grate down there. There's another way in through Cassandra's room, which also requires destroying the wall with an explosive. Alternatively, by using the glitch below, it is possible to drop right into the hidden room, though it's impossible to get back out again without an explosive.


Through the use of a glitch, it is possible to complete this level in 6 seconds on Agent difficulty. This is done by dropping from the helipad onto the open door, ducking, and moving through the wall above the doorway. Then stand up quickly and strafe to the side to end up falling outside the building. From here it's possible to fall to a number of locations, including straight into the elevator, completing the mission. It's also possible to do something similar by falling onto the patrolling guard's head. This was fixed in the XBLA Version. See it in action.

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