Prototype cyborg developed by dataDyne to counteract Carrington operatives. Remember that this simulant, unlike all the others, is not human. This means that it may be able to do things which a human cannot.
The DarkSim is a Simulant in the Combat Simulator. It possesses nigh omnipotent intelligence and inhuman skill.


As the in-game description notes, the DarkSim is NOT human. It runs faster than the PerfectSim, shoots with 100% accuracy (excepting a moving target using cover), completes objectives with ease, overwhelming all other simulants except for the PerfectSim, and tends to know where the enemy is at ALL times, no matter where they might be in the map. The DarkSim is adept at using all types of weapons, and can use the Fly-by-wire function of the Slayer. Unlike all other simulants, it can teleport around the map if the radar is disabled. While they can run at twice the normal speed, a SpeedSim can keep up with it, and a C-strafing human player can outrun it.


DarkSims should only be taken on by extremely skilled human players. It is almost impossible to win against a DarkSim with the radar turned off, as they will teleport around the map. A reliable strategy is to quickly acquire a good gun, as the DarkSim will do the same and start chasing you down. You must then exploit the A.I. using tactics such as hiding around corners, using mines and grenades, ect. Seeing as how the DarkSim is extremely fast and all-seeing, it is imperative to get a good head start against one. as it is easy to allow it to continually spawn-kill you. 

Perfect Dark - Simulants
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