Manufacturer Carrington Institute
Type Crossbow
Primary Mode Sedate
Secondary Mode Instant Kill
Damage (per Hit) Non-Lethal/Lethal
Accuracy Medium
Ideal Range Short - Medium
Rate of Fire Low - Medium
Ammo Type Bolts
Magazine Capacity 5 Bolts
Maximum Ammo 69 Bolts
Appears in Perfect Dark
This crossbow is a short-range 'pistol' sized example, mounted on a Carrington Institute Agent's wrist. It folds up to aid concealment and can fire up to five bolts, either the more usual drugged shots, or a lethal bolt.
The Crossbow is a weapon that appears in Perfect Dark.


The primary mode sedates the enemy, and in single player will knock out any human with a single hit. In Combat Simulator, it causes damage and disorientation to the target. This mode has a fast rate of fire.

The secondary mode has a lower rate of fire, but will usually kill an enemy in one shot. The only exception to this is the Skedar with increased health in Perfect Dark mode.

The crossbow automatically fires in an arc when used at longer distances, so that it will hit whatever the reticule is pointed at. There is also a delay between firing and the bolt actually hitting, so it's better to use the crossbow at shorter ranges.

Like the Shotgun, each bolt must be loaded individually, meaning the reload time depends on how many bolts remain in the crossbow.

It also one of the two weapons that are wrist mounted, the other being the Laser.


Perfect Dark

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