If you are doing a tutorial or walkthrough, you want credit - right!

Well you have it! And here I'm going to show you how to use it!

The first thing your gonna want to type in is {{Credit}}.

Next your going to go like this {{Credit|}}

That is this | not a capital i or lowercase l. You get that by holding shift and clicking a button that looks like that and a backwards slash (\) under it.

Or just copy what was above.

Next type in your username. No nickname, your exact username. Here's an example with my username: {{Credit|ThisIsLucid}}.

Good! Now your going to put in another of those long lines. Here's another example of what you should have: {{Credit|ThisIsLucid|}}.

Have that? Now here's the last part! Put in the date in this format : Day, Year. In my example, it would look like this:

April 27, 2017

Good! Now put them together. Here's our final example: {{Credit|ThisIsLucid|April 27, 2017}}

Great! Now the output of my example should look like this:

Credit to ThisIsLucid. Written on April 27, 2017.

Great! Now you're all done. If you still have questions, type them in the comments or go to my talk page! Have a good day!

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