This simulant does not really want to fight and will try to survive by running away. It may sometimes attack, but only if the opponent has an inferior weapon. Draw out a better gun or shoot it, and it will run away!
The CowardSim is a special type of Simulant found in the Combat Simulator.


The CowardSims are scripted to not pursue enemies with stronger weapons. This does not mean they won't attack, however. They will retreat from an enemy if it has a stronger weapon, but firing rapidly, as if to shoo it away. If it has a stronger weapon, it simply attacks.

Pull out a weapon that is too much more powerful than what the CowardSim has, and it will turn tail and run off, turning its back on the enemy. This is especially true on the lower difficulties (Meat, Easy).

Sometimes, a low difficulty CowardSim will timidly hide somewhere on the map, away from the other Sims and players, while high difficulty CowardSims will be dangerous opportunists striking you when you are at your weakest, much like PreySims.


  • Hoard all the good weapons, it'll try and stay away from you as long as it can until it gets a good weapon. This is good in objective-based games where timing is very important.

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