Combat Knife
Combat Knife
Manufacturer dataDyne
Type Knife
Primary Mode Knife Slash
Secondary Mode Throw Poison Knife
Damage (per Hit) Medium
Accuracy Varies
Ideal Range Point blank - Short
Rate of Fire Low
Maximum Ammo 10 Knives
Appears in Perfect Dark
A large and vicious combat knife. It contains a vial of poison that shatters when thrown, giving a wounded enemy at most 6 seconds to live. A dataDyne weapon through and through.
The Combat Knife is a melee/thrown weapon in Perfect Dark.


Its primary mode is a very effective close combat weapon that will usually take no more than 2 slashes to down an enemy human. Also a hit from behind will kill any enemy, including Skedar if aimed at the tentacle-like part at the back of the head.

The secondary mode throws the knife, which does damage on impact and also poisons the enemy, doing damage over time in "waves". This also disorients the enemy, much like the Tranquilizer or Crossbow. While an enemy at full health can survive one thrown knife to the torso, two is enough for a sure kill while a thrown knife to the head is always fatal.Thrown Knives can be recovered and reused.

Skillful users would definitely rule close quarters combat. By poisoning their targets before swiping at them. They can take out targets with sheer speed. This weakened state can also carry over to successive spawns.


Perfect Dark
Perfect Dark: Initial Vector
  • Chapter 10 - Joanna sees the last dataDyne team, lead by Laurent Hayes, who is armed with one along with a Tranq-7.
Perfect Dark: Second Front
  • Chapter 4 - Chun Fan arms herself with only a combat knife in her Deathmatch VR practice.


  • Like with the Rocket Launcher, Simulants in the Combat Simulator can instantly switch between the modes of the knife, bypassing the flipping animation.
  • Combat Knives are one of the ranged weapons FistSims can use. The other being the Laser.
  • A.I. Simulants who uses Secondary Function "Throw Poison Knife" are ineffective to human players who are hit by incoming Poison Knifes. (Only Human vs Human can Poison each other)

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