The yellow hovbot

 The Cleaning HovBot is an automated non-hostile robot manufactured by dataDyne . It is a small, 1x1 cleaning bot with a yellow and grey roud body that concludes in a point. It is normally given full security access, making them very usefull to Joanna Dark , as they will unintentionally open up locked doors and areas.

In DataDyne Research - Investigation, Joanna may be required to program one of the robots to open up the rest of the lab to her.


Both can be either destructable or non-destructable.

1- This version is grey.
ZPerfect-Dark-bot - Copy
2- This version is yellow, and is the one you will see most often. This is the model that you must activate in dataDyne Research: Investigation to bypass the laser barriers.

In-game destription

Cleaning HovBot: Your helpful buddy

Keeps the place clean and tidy. Tends to have access to all areas of a building -agents are advised to leave such robots intact where possible, as they can unwittingly provide a means of ingress to sensitive zones.

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