The Mega weapon.

The Cetan ship is a large, sentient ship that has been resting at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean for centuries. It was discovered by the Skedar, which kicked off the events of Perfect Dark. The ship is home to a large mega-weapon which the Skedar planed to utilize in their war against the Maians, and wanted to test against Earth. The ship makes it's only appearance in Deep Sea: Nullify Threat, where it is destroyed by Dr. Caroll.

In-game Description

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A Cetan, according to "Rare Revealed: The Making of Perfect Dark".

Cetan ship: The most alien enviorment on Earth.

A huge ship of alien construction that has lain on the ocean floor for millions of years.


  • The name "Cetan" may be derived from Cetus, a sea monster from Greek mythology.