A list of all the missions Joanna has partaken in over the course of the series, covering her journeys through top secret labs, bases, and even alien landscapes.


  • Solo - Go through the missions without on-field assistance. This is the only place where you can unlock cheats. The missions use gold stars here to indicate completion by difficulty with 3 stars being beaten on all 3 difficulties.
  • Co-Op - Face the missions with AI buddies or up to 3 additional players. Buddies have few orders but can be changed via cheats.
  • Counter-Op - Players can either take the role of Joanna or commandeer one of the various guards. The Guards' objective is to kill Joanna before she succeeds her mission. The guards have limited health and can commit suicide by consuming a Suicide Pill.


All missions are played through 4 difficulties...

  • Agent (A) - Joanna only gets a couple objectives, has more ammo, and enemies are less in number. Their damage, aim, and eyesight are also poor.
  • Special Agent (SA) - Joanna gains an additional 1 or 2 objectives, with more areas available to her. Enemies are smarter with aiming, deal more damage, and are larger in numbers.
  • Perfect Agent (PA) - Joanna gets every objective for each mission. Enemies are incredibly tough, smarter, and are even greater in number. Joanna may survive only a few hits from them before succumbing.
  • Perfect Dark (PD) - A super secret difficulty, only unlocked, after completion of all missions on all difficulties. This is a customizable difficulty, where the player can change the factors, wherever they wish.


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