Carrington Villa is the large mansion-like home of Daniel Carrington. The level Carrington Villa: Hostage One takes place here.


The Villa itself resides in a non-disclosed location, and serves as the personal retreat for Daniel Carrington. It is one of the larger levels in Perfect Dark, containing four floors chocked full with rooms, including an extensive wine cellar. Which floor Joanna starts on depends on which difficulty you select. In Agent and Special Agent, you start outside on a higher floor overlooking the dock, where you must save a negotiator. On Perfect Agent difficulty, you are the negotiator. 

In-game Description

Carrington Villa: Private coastal retreat

Owned by the Institute, this secluded residence is used by Daniel Carrington as a retreat from the pressures of the Institute. As well as an observatory, it has a power generator and an extensive wine cellar.

If you destroy the wine collection on XBox360 you can hear Carrington saying "Act your age Joanna" plus an achievement.