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Candee is a popular synth-pop musician that is sponsored by hypercorp Zentek as of 2021.


Candee is a hugely popular singer in the Perfect Dark universe, having blond hair, blue eyes and perfectly toned and tanned muscle. While performing, Candee entertains the crowds with precision choreography and holographic dance displays. Since she is sponsored by Zentek, her costumes are made of Zentek living fabric that change from moment to moment that reveal expanes of bare skin. Zentek CEO Georg Bricker describes her act as 'near-pornography' and often wondered how he was convinced to sponsor her. Besides not liking her outfits, Bricker loathes both her music and the star herself, having to medicate himself twice with a buffered analgesic during the first act of her final performance of her forty-eight city tour of North America in the Zee Arena in Seattle, Washington (Bricker only showed up to show he had faith in the hypercorp hours before his assassination and the collapse of Zentek).

Greg Rucka (author of Perfect Dark: Initial Vector and Perfect Dark: Second Front) when talking about her in the introduction of Perfect Dark: Janus' Tears said:

"... She's the 2021 equivalent of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera all rolled into one, except taken to the nth degree. ...and [she] has a devoted following of screaming, mindless fans who call themselves - wait for it - 'Candee Canes'. ..."

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