Callisto NTG
Perfect Dark Weapons (23)
Manufacturer Maian
Type Sub-Machine Gun
Primary Mode Rapid Fire
Secondary Mode High Impact Shells
Damage (per Hit) Varies
Accuracy Low - Medium
Ideal Range Medium
Rate of Fire 900 RPM (Primary)
300 RPM (Secondary)
Ammo Type Pistol Rounds
Magazine Capacity 32 Rounds
Maximum Ammo 800 Rounds
Appears in Perfect Dark
Another example of excellent Maian firearm design. It can fire standard shots as fast as any other SMG, or it can fire high velocity rounds which will easily penetrate objects to find targets hiding in cover. The only drawbacks with the secondary fire mode are that the fire rate is lower and accuracy suffers from the power of the shot. Average fire rate: 900 RPM. (S/F:300 RPM).
The Callisto NTG is a Maian sub-machine gun.


The primary function is Rapid Fire, which is similar to that of the CMP-150.

Its secondary function fires more powerful shots that will do more damage and penetrate doors, soft objects and enemies, at the cost of a significantly reduced fire rate and slightly reduced accuracy. Another thing about the Callisto is that it uses Earth-manufactured Pistol Rounds when it should only use Maian Energy Orbs. This is due to the program limitations of the game where most weapons use a universal type of ammunition at the cost of inaccuracy in details.


Perfect Dark

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