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Steyr TMP


Sub-Machine Gun

Primary Mode

Rapid Fire

Secondary Mode

Follow Lock-On (PD)
Hologram (PDZ)

Damage per Hit




Ideal Range


Rate of Fire

900 RPM

Ammo Type

Pistol Rounds

Magazine Capacity

32 Rounds (PD)
24 Rounds (PDZ)

Maximum Ammo

800 Rounds (PD)
200 Rounds (PDZ)

A dataDyne classic, and a bestseller, this sub-machine gun boasts a 32 and mag and a special feature - the ability to designate and lock on to targets in the line of sight. It turns an average marksman into an excellent one, provided he or she is clever enough to operate the gun. Average fire rate: 900 RPM.
The dataDyne CMP-150, often abbreviated "CMP", is a sub-machine gun produced by the dataDyne Corporation, and sees widespread usage by its combat personnel. It is a classic by weapon standards, and has been used by other organizations since its adoption prior to 2020.


The CMP-150 is a fully-automatic, magazine-fed, dual-wieldable sub-machine gun. The magazine holds 32 rounds, although earlier versions held only 24 rounds. It has a fast rate of fire of 900 rounds per minute. The CMP-150 is the top selling weapon of dataDyne, a position it has held since 2021. The Lock-On feature that some models provide appeal to the more inexperienced personnel. The hologram featured on certain models also increases its usability. In Perfect Dark: Second Front, the battery life of the hologram was limited due to the constraints it put on the power.


The CMP is fully automatic and has a very fast rate of fire, making it an excellent suppressive fire weapon. It is light weight enough to be used with one hand. It is a solid part of any dual wielding combination. While at long distance it should be fired in short bursts, it can quickly empty its magazine at short range when accuracy is of no concern. The weapon also has good accuracy without much recoil. Some models feature a Follow Lock-On feature which will track any target, following it no matter how far it may stray from the crosshairs. The other model type features a hologram feature which will create a replica of the user, mimicking movement and appearance.


While the fast rate of fire can be looked at as an advantage, the magazine is emptied quickly when held on fully automatic, and it runs through ammo quickly. The rounds aren't very damaging, and don't have much of an effect on body armor. It also has limited range. While in use, the hologram feature slows the user down to a walk speed.


The weapon is standard issue of the dataDyne security forces, including the ones stationed on the Trinity Research Platform. Members of the security forces of the G5 Corporation in Chicago also used the weapon. Joanna Dark used the weapon during her extraction of Benjamin Able, and her escape from dataDyne security forces in Second Front. The hologram feature on the weapon aided greatly when she used several.

The CMP-150 is one of the selectable starting weapons in the Onslaught mode of Perfect Dark Zero. The high rate of fire and incredibly accuracy of the weapon has led to a high usage among players in the game's Dark Ops mode. Its efficiency is increased when wielded in pairs.

Mission Appearances

Perfect Dark Zero

Perfect Dark

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  • The CMP is based on the Steyr TMP submachine gun.
  • The weapon is noted for its eerily quiet sound when fired, despite not being fitted with a visible silencer.
  • In Perfect Dark, when reloading, the player pulls back a charging handle when it doesn't look like it has one.


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