• ThisIsLucid


    April 23, 2017 by ThisIsLucid

    Sup. I'm joining the wiki and all, my name is Lucid.

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  • McLarenP1 Boy
    • New separate storylines pertaining to the backstories of Jonathan, Chandra, and Jack before the events of Perfect Dark Zero.
    • There could have been MedKits in the game, which restore maximum health up to 100%, just like in Doom 3. On Dark Agent, though, those MedKits should disappear altogether.
    • Giving enemies stronger weapons on higher difficulties. Examples would include:
      • Enforcers carrying SuperDragons on Perfect Agent/Dark Agent in Nightclub Stakeout
      • Biker punks carrying KSI-74s on Secret Agent in Subway Retrieval
    • An 800-round ammo cap for the pistols, SMGs, rifles, etc. The DEF-12 Shotgun would get a maximum of 320 shells, the DY357 Magnum 288 bullets, Rocket Launcher 50 rockets, and Jackal 100 rounds.
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  • Ezioprez9709

    I'm not going to be on this wiki 24/7. I'll be on when I ain't busy.

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  • JL the superhuman

    Jackson Dark

    February 20, 2015 by JL the superhuman

    Jackson Jacob Dark is the son of Joanna Dark and is the newest high ranking agent for the Carrington Institute.

    Jackson became an agent for the Carrington Institute

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  • Ddman009

    News - 24/06/2011

    June 25, 2011 by Ddman009

    First news posts of the Wiki! I updated and tweaked the main page a bit at am hoping to update some more later on!


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