Attack Cyborgs are crab-like war machines illegally manufactured by Mink Hunter's factory in South America for DataDyne, circa 2022. A total of two are fought in the GBC game Perfect Dark by Joanna Dark as mini-bosses while she infiltrates Mink's compound, and later a DataDyne base. Several others are found--although disassembled--throughout Hunter's base of operations, and are presumably destroyed when the plastic explosives planted by Joanna detonate, obliterating the factory.

Attack Cyborgs are agile and armed with twin missile launchers, which they fire at Joanna in bursts of two or three. Since Joanna is unarmed for both battles, the only way to damage them is to fire one of two laser cannons located on opposite ends of the walkway she's standing on, once the cyborg enters their target areas.

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