The A51 Interceptor is a UAV, utilised by Area 51 to protect its interests. Armed with a gatling gun and Air-to-Air Missile Pods. Its sole design for air defense made it problematic for unauthorised aircraft to pass through without clearence. 

It seemingly was based off Skedar Technology which Datadyne, its producer has willing to develop the drone off. 

The Interceptors also relies on a powerful radar system, which is sited on the ground. Without it, the drones may not be able to attack without prior warning. 


Destroying the aircraft is a must in Special Agent, and upwards, and one of which will be active, launching from the airpad near the cargo lifts. It operates nearly the same way as the Hovercopter; patrolling the skies above and attacking Joanna on sight.

It's armor is also awkward as it shrugs off most gunfire whereas one rocket is enough to destroy it. However its small size might make it harder to hit.

In-Game Description

A51 Interceptor: Robotic air interceptor

A robotic variant of the HoverBike, with more powerful AG and turbine units; it can reach Mach 2 with ease and yet can cruise for hours at walking pace. Although quite well armed, it relies on maneuverability rather than shielding.


  • Even if it was written to be weakly shielded, and had to rely on speed and manuverability, the Interceptor never shown this in combat. Performing more akin to the Hovercopter.
    • This may lead to design limitations by both the developers and limited storage on Nintendo's Gamepaks.